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Glow on… give it a go!

When you’re exercising you’ll talk about anything to distract from the pain. That’s how ON THE GLOW started; a group of school mothers doing a 3 mile muddy run twice a week. As well as getting fit, we covered many conversational topics; ‘My legs hurt, tell me about your ‘menopause symptoms to marriage up and downs’.

After a few months, the concept ON THE GLOW was developed. We wanted to get fit, enjoy time with friends and simultaneously test out the best kit available, thus taking multi-tasking to near Olympic levels. We’ve expanded the review premise from ‘does it work in Somerset mud, but the aim remains the same.

We welcome any comments or criticisms (we’re grown-ups) and please sign up if you fancy doing a health, beauty or book review for us. Send us an email below.

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