Don’t Detox, Eat for Energy

Don’t Detox, Eat For Energy….says Alice Smellie

‘Your body needs fats AND carbohydrates’

Of all the irritating money spinners out there, bizarre diet regimes and weird detoxes have to be at the top of the pile. There is little to no scientific proof that a combination of powdered unicorn horn and the glands from blue crocodiles (or whatever this year’s big trend is) will in any way help you lose weight or be more healthy. The only lightening you’ll feel is that of your pockets, free from all your money.

However, should you want more energy, a better understanding of your personal nutrition and a way of changing eating habits for the better, then look no further than new book Va Va Voom, The 10 Day Energy Diet. Written by leading nutritionist Jackie Lynch, who genuinely understands (and explains with genius clarity) exactly how food works within the body.

‘It’s easy to assume that tiredness is related to age,’ she says. ‘In fact, simple changes to diet and lifestyle can make a world of difference to your energy levels at any age. That’s what inspired me to write Va Va Voom. It’s all about practical and sustainable lifestyle choices to support our hectic 21st century lifestyle.’

She clearly points out why and how the body needs such foods as fats and carbohydrates (the on-going debate as to whether they are evil has been grumbling on for years like a dormant volcano), and the best versions of each to choose for maximum energy and health.
The book explores such subjects as why you may be fatigued; covering such problems as stress, insomnia and what to do about them. It explores possible deficiencies in vitamins and minerals (and what supplement dosages are acceptable), and even how much exercise we ought to do (not in a stupid way).

The plan itself is based on anti-inflammatory foods. Obviously you have to cut out alcohol, wheat, caffeine and refined sugar (just for ten days as part of a reboot), but it’s not about calorie counting or dictator style regime but sensible foods and snacks throughout the day, with suggested meal planners.

For anyone who wants a good read and a boost of energy.

Currently £7.49, kindle and £12.48,


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