Travel light with Trinny

Trinny Woodall wouldn’t expect to be nominated as a role model for grooming restraint, but she certainly gets my vote for best portable make-up kit of the summer.

Hot days and healthy glows are the perfect catalyst for embracing a more natural look. No one wants to resemble Dirk Bogarde in Death in Venice; with the rouge melting in the summer heat and trickling down your ravaged face!

Once I’m sun-kissed enough to banish the faintly ‘green’ pallor of winter it’s time to go back to basics. Trinny’s stackable pods are brilliantly conceived; the Starter Stack features an eye shadow, a lip gloss, a concealer and a blusher, all perfectly matched to your complexion and eye and hair colour.

This seems to me the ultimate in practicality and portability, which are not two words normally associated with glamour!

Products from £16.  Starter Stack, £95 TrinnyLondon