Everybody’s Talking About … Menopause

Welcome to ON THE GLOW.  We’re here to help you decide which beauty products, wellbeing ideas, and exercise techniques might help you to navigate a calm journey through the potentially rocky seas of the menopause.

Photo: Andrew Fleming

Over the last couple of years, the word ‘menopause’ has finally become acceptable.

That’s all good news, but bringing it into the spotlight as being a perfectly normal biological fact has highlighted the lack of available resources and education around the subject.

Look at the disgrace of the HRT shortages this year, which have left women both furious and lacking the right medication.

Menopause isn’t an illness – it’s a biological process that happens to fifty percent of the population.  As such, the right treatments need to be readily available to us all.

The subject of menopause is a passion of the team at On The Glow, who can offer perspectives from either end of the journey.  Hair, skin, mood, and metabolism may all change as our hormones fluctuate.

Everything we recommend has been carefully tested by our team of hot (get it?) women.