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GET UP AND GLOW Sometimes, just swinging your legs out of bed and planting your feet on the floor can feel like a workout. Exercise is more personal than friendships, love for your children and face cream choices. We are pretty convinced that the best methods are super straightforward and fit easily into your day.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Personal trainer Cornel Chin has devised an incredibly simple five minute work out for On The Glow which can be done at any time, and ideally every day.

Cornel has worked with Leonardo di Caprio, Naomie Harris and Collin Firth. He’s also the author of Celebrity Body on a Budget, though we have questioned whether that means you’d also get the budget version of a celebrity body.

‘There are two key exercises which work out the entire body and can be done by any level of fitness*’ he says. ‘Clearly, five minutes isn’t enough to do a full cardiovascular workout, but this will tone the whole body and help with muscular endurance and strength. (If you have less time, just cut it in half)

  • First do ten press ups. Start off doing box press ups – full ones are very tricky. Get into a press up position with knees on the ground and the body supported by outstretched arms. Place hands slightly at shoulder width and lower yourself down and up 10 times.
  • Next do ten squats. Stand with hands on hips and legs just wider than a hip width apart. Squat with your bottom pushed out, torso leaning forwards and your weight in heels rather than toes. Don’t go any lower than 90 degrees to the floor (put a chair behind you if you like) and clench the buttock muscles as you come back up. Do these first two sets slowly to warm up.
  • Then do:
    • 12 x press ups
    • 12 x squats
    • and then 15 x press ups
    • 15 x squats

It’s simple but effective. Also, you can do it in socks during a break from your desk (if you work at home) or after the school run. THREE MINUTE WORK OUT (If you can’t be bothered to even do squats. No judging)

‘Walk up and down the stairs ten times without stopping. Then do it two steps at a time. It’s a little bit of cardio and a a little bit of toning to the legs and glutes.’

*We’re clever, but we aren’t medics. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, check with your doctor.

Written by Alice Smellie Freelance writer and editor 07887 557 540 @alicesmellie

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