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As a previous beauty editor of Vegan Living magazine, I’ve a vested and ongoing interest in cruelty free beauty. EU legislation means that it’s now illegal to test cosmetics products or their ingredients on animals. Since March 2013, it has also been illegal to sell cosmetics products within the EU which have been, or which contain ingredients, newly tested on animals. All good and ethical stuff (also, DER, obviously this is the right thing to do).

‘Ethical beauty products is about as zeitgeist as you get’

Vegan beauty takes this admirable ruling a step further – vegan products contain no animal derivatives such as honey, beeswax, lanolin or gelatin. And it’s an increasingly popular market – Pinterest have pointed out that vegan beauty searches are up a whopping 281% from 2017. This all means that investment and new releases are at an all time high.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite products, both old and new …

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Coco Licious Coconut Water Leave in Conditioner £2, sainsburys.com
If hair is feeling dry from excess sun exposure, a squeeze of this on wet hair will leave locks feeling soft, hydrated and gently perfumed. A truly lovely product.

Brand new from Elemis is the Elemis Flower Mask £37, elemis.com
A a cooling face mask to give a natural glow. Contains a trio of Willow Tree extracts, Lactic Acid and Brazilian Black Clay, which gently exfoliate; while the Peptide4, a tetra-peptide made up of four amino acids helps to transform dull looking skin.

Dr. David Jack The Skin Package
£89, integrativebeauty.co.uk
This trio is expensive, but if you can afford to splash out, then they’re highly effective. Good Morning! contains vitamin C, All Day Long is a physical sunblock and Good Night a vitamin A based night cream.

Smilelab Flash Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips,
£32, boots.com
Let teeth gleam clean with these whitening strips which contain low dosage salts and acids for a gentle bleaching effect. Apply to teeth for half an hour, strip off and brush or rinse teeth.

Prai Ageless Throat and Décolletage Creme,
£24.99, lookfantastic.com, boots.com
Necks are such a giveaway; you can have a face as smooth as a ripe peach but a neck like an ageing tortoise. Prai’s throat cream contains hyaluronic acid and plumps, lifts and tightens skin.

Superdrug Treat Me Mango and Coconut Body Sorbet,
£2.99, superdrug.com
A waft of the tropics amidst the gloom of turning leaves. Superdrug’s body sorbets and butters sink into sun-dried raisin skin, leaving it soft and scented.

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